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Which water distiller should I buy?

    imber home water distillers products

    We sell 2 types of water distillers, the Imber Isla and the Imber Puro. Both distillers have the same technical characteristics in terms of capacity and power. They distil 4 litres of water in around 3 hours and 20 minutes.

    Imber Puro

    The Imber Puro comes with a BPA free plastic collecting jug. The distiller itself has a smooth white plastic outer shell. The ‘lid’ of the distiller, or its cooling section which contains the fan, is of the same white plastic.
    For these reasons this water distiller is the more economical of the two. So if you don’t mind your water being collected in a plastic jug, this would probably be your distiller of choice.
    The Puro is slightly lighter than the Isla due to its plastic outer body.

    4litres water distiller with pvc jug
    Imber Puro – countertop water distiller
    The cooling element comes in white for the Puro and in black for the Isla.

    Imber Isla

    The Imber Isla has a nice stainless steel outer shell with a chrome finish. This is the premium model so it comes with a custom designed glass collection jug, with lid to keep dust outside, and an optional handle which can be fitted if needed. I like to keep the handle off as it is more practical in my opinion.
    The top lid of the Isla model is of a smooth black plastic.

    Home water distiller Imber isla. Stainless steel 4 litres
    The Imber Isla – Stainless steel home water distiller
    Delphin-water distiller glass jug 4 liter
    Imber Delphin comes standard with Imber Isla. The handle is optional and can be removed. The lid can also be removed to facilitate cleaning of the jug.

    Discharge nozzle

    The nozzle of both water distillers is stainless steel. It can hold a sachet of activated charcoal which is also included with your distiller. For cleaning, we supply you with a bottle of citric acid crystals which work wonders. You will find the operating, assembly, and cleaning instructions, in your owner’s manual.

    charcoal sachets and nozzle
    Activated charcoal sachets fit inside the discharge nozzle. A 6 months supply is included with your distiller
    Residue after 2 cycles of distillation. This was dissolved in just 8 litres of London tap water. Notice the yellow liquid.

    So which water distiller should I buy?

    So if you are looking to get a distiller and are on a budget, go with the Imber Puro. Otherwise, if you don’t mind investing slightly more, go with the Imber Isla, it looks better, and assures that at no stage of the distillation your water will touch plastic.

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