Active Charcoal Sachets x 10


Active charcoal removes VOCs

Your water distiller’s nozzle is designed so you can fit an active charcoal sachet inside it. This way, distilled water must percolate through the charcoal before leaving the distiller.

Water distillation may allow a very small percentage of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) through. VOCs could be dissolved chemicals, pesticides, solvents and other substances which unfortunately we have to deal with in our times: Do not panic.

Why does this happen? Some of these VOCs have a boiling point which is lower than water, so they will pass through the distillation. On the other hand, anything with a boiling point higher than water will be left behind (check your water distiller’s tank after a distillation cycle). The activated charcoal’s function is exactly to catch all volatile organic compounds that may have escaped the distillation, so your water is totally pure.

I like to couple the active charcoal sachets with a Binchotan charcoal stick placed in a Kilner jar where I store distilled water.

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When should I replace active charcoal sachets?

If you are distilling frequently, 20 to 30 distillation per month, replace the charcoal sachets every 2-3 months. If you use you water distiller less often you can keep those sachets in for 6 months.

How do I replace the charcoal sachets?

Fair question. Replacing a sachet is extremely simple, this is how you do it:

  • Detach the nozzle from the water distiller. To do this squeeze the sides of the nozzle and pull it down and towards you. You will now see the old sachets;
  • Discard the old sachets. You can throw them in your compost pile, or keep them in your wardrobe to get rid of smells (make sure the sachets are dry first);
  • Fit the new charcoal sachets and replace the nozzle on the distiller.
  • If you’re a bit of a stickler for neatness like I am, use 2 at a time.

Nozzle not included! If you don’t have a water distiller, get one here.

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