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What is distilled water?

In a nutshell, it is the product of distillation

In its most basic form it is vapour that rises through the atmosphere due to its lightweight state (and because warmer air tends to move higher), until it slams against a layer of atmosphere which is so much cooler that causes it to quickly condense into its liquid state i.e. water. ‘Simples’!.

And now that it’s back to its liquid state, much heavier than air, it must come back down: this is how you get English weekends.

Substances which are unable to vaporise, are left behind, so what you are left with is 99.9% pure H2O.

Water becomes vapour at 100° Celsius, so anything that has a boiling point higher than 100° will be left behind by the distillation.

Distillation removes water from the pollutants, filtration removes pollutants from water (or at least it tries to do so). This is for me the essence and true genius of distillation, so simple yet so absolute.

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The magic of water distillation

Distillation is the natural process of separating the soluble, non volatile substances which are contained in water, from the pure H2O molecule which your cells like so much!

To some it may sound like a complicated process requiring advanced apparatuses, the truth is, water distillation happens all the time around us.

Have you ever taken that shortcut to work, through the grassy park early in the morning, only to find your shoes soaked, even if it hadn’t rained?

Or have you ever “finger drawn” on the steamy inside of your car’s windshield, maybe a ‘help’ message or the classic hart? And all those little droplets of water running down into the windshield slit?

Oh, and that time it rained?

That was all, you guessed it, distilled water!

Now, don’t go drinking London summer rain! The air above a city is extremely polluted, and its rain has filtered through a layer of smog, car tyre and break dust. Distil it first!

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