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Residue after distilling tap water

Is tap water safe to drink?

    A quick article on the state of London’s tap water.Trying to answer the question once and for all: is tap water safe to drink? Let’s start of with some guidelines from the NHS and the European Food Safety Authority (Europeans, what do they know anyway?) According to the European Food… Read More »Is tap water safe to drink?

    A photo depicting for glass bottles of distilled water. The bottles are arranged over a square stone tray, of a dark colour. On the tray next to the bottles are a few springs of mint. You can see the condensation forming on the bottles giving an idea of freshness and vitality.

    Is distilled water the best water to drink?

      There are light waters, with not too many minerals (trace minerals), and heavy waters, still and natural sparkling waters, mineralized waters with carbonic acid, purified waters with reverse osmosis and naturally distilled waters, such as rainwater, snow, hail and glacier and iceberg water.

      ladies fetching water from stream

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        When starting Imber Water Distillers, we wanted to not only help our customers have healthier, happier lives, but also contribute to improving the wellbeing of others around the world. We believe that businesses like ours can be agents for change.