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“A couple of nice guys who want to sell distillers”

This is what Fede said to John when we were talking about what to put on this page. It actually sums us up really well, so it has stuck.

Once he read about the benefits of distilling water, it became an instant routine for Federico. He now also uses distilled water for showering, ironing, preparing meals and sometimes to fill his Liquidator.

We believe there are a lot of ways you can help improve your health and wellbeing. The most impactful things you can do are often the day to day, seemingly small things, which over a lifetime add up to better or poorer health. Beyond not smoking, eating more balanced meals, sleeping well and taking regular exercise, there is really only one thing you can do to have an impact: drink demineralised water.

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Drink demineralised water to improve your health

“We believe where possible you should hydrate with the purest water. Water transports nutrients around your body and eliminates waste from the system. The body puts valuable energy and resources into processing and cleaning out the toxins that build up from what we eat and breathe. Why not help the body out by putting pure water in, rather than water that has contaminants that it has to also deal with.”

Contaminants? Yes, unfortunately. Our trusty tap water is known to contain many contaminants from brick dust to plastic fibres, at the microscopic scale. By tackling this at the point of consumption, we believe we can help people avoid consuming damaging contaminants on a daily basis.  

Our commitment

Drink pure water to reduce contaminants
Distillation will remove 99.8% of pollutants from your tap water. Never buy bottled water again.

We hope that water can be delivered to every person around the world, as pure as possible. For you, we have a smart, simple solution to use at home. This is something we decided we can do. For the bigger issues, in regions where we have no expertise, power or presence, then we are supporting the work of charities improving access to water, by making a donation to them every year.

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Our ongoing commitment to water aid. We donate 1 percent of our profits.
785 million people around the world still don’t have access to water close to home. That’s 1 in 10 people.
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