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Water Distiller Cleaning Crystals


Imber cleaning crystals 200g

Simply the best way to clean your Imber water distiller. Cleaning crystals effectively remove lime scale and ‘guck’ buildup from the bottom of your water distiller.

We only use food grade, 100% pure citric acid.

Our Isla and Puro water distillers already include a 3 moths supply of cleaning crystals

How often should I clean my water distiller?

We recommend cleaning your water distiller every 2-3 cycles. Not less than that. Your water distiller will run more efficiently when properly cleaned, saving you time and money in the long run.
Also it is very satisfying, trust me.

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Water Distiller Cleaning Crystals

Our cleaning crystals are essential for the correct functioning of your Imber water distiller. Our Isla & Puro water distillers already include a 200g bottle of cleaning crystals which should last you for 3 to 4 months, we will send you a reminder email after this period.

How to use cleaning crystals?

Cleaning your water distiller is a very simple process and you should do it after every 2-3 cleaning cycles. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure your water distiller has ran completely through its cycle;
  • Fill your water distiller’s tank half way up with water (use warm water if you want to speed things up);
  • Put a big table spoon of water distiller cleaning crystals in the tank;

Now you want to heat the water up so the cleaning crystals can activate and eat up the lime scale deposit from the bottom of your water distiller;

  • Plug your distiller in, but leave the ‘top’ unplugged. You see, you are just trying to get the water in the tank to boiling point;
  • Once the water in the tank is close to boiling point, unplug the distiller from the main.
  • Done! Now you can leave the cleaning crystals do their magic. Come back in 10 minutes and you’ll be amazed at what they have achieved!
  • Do not leave the water distiller unattended while doing a cleaning cycle

These water distiller cleaning crystals can also be used on any other appliance which is affected by lime scale build up, such as kettles! Put a spoonful into your kettle with some water and boil it. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse: Voilá! You can thank me later.

Are cleaning crystals dangerous to health?

Big NO. Our water distiller cleaning crystals are 100% non-toxic and we would never sell them to you if they were. This does not mean you should add them to your porridge in the morning.
These crystals are 100% pure citric acid, a very powerful lime scale removal agent which we found to be the most effective way to keep your Imber water distiller working at its best.

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