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How to check the quality of my tap water?

    Know your water

    Would it not be nice to know what kind of water ran through your taps? The water you use every day on your skin for showering and washing, the water you use to prepare your food, your teas and coffees, and the water you sometimes drink!

    Water hardness

    There are many attributes to water but one thing we always hear about is water hardness. Water hardness is the amount of calcium and magnesium dissolved in water. This is what causes lime build up in kettles, washing machines, shower heads.

    Check your water quality

    Because the quality of tap water changes from place to place so it is important to get the right information.

    Thames Water has a useful resource for you to check the quality of your tap water.

    Depending on the area you live, you will have access to different qualities of water. Here is a tool to download a quality report for the water supply in your area:

    Thames Water offers a tool to download the water quality report for your area.

    The water report will show:

    • Your water supply zone;
    • The hardness level of your water;
    • Hardness rating;
    • Fluoridation;
    • Lead contamination;
    • A link to download the full report PDF;

    In the full report PDF you will find:

    • Annual review of the water quality for your water supply zone;
    • Interesting notes regarding your area;
    • List of all parameters, and their concentration in the water supply;
    • A glossary which explains in detail all parameters;
    • A page of instructions, on how to better understand the report
    Hardness levels for the London Willesden zone

    Thames Water is easily reachable through their Facebook page. They replied to my question in a day and provided me with all the info I had requested.

    In all I found this report very thorough and interesting. It is a good resource for anyone who is trying to take control of their health, and for whoever would like to know in details what is inside the water they drink, they cook, and shower with every day.