A photo depicting for glass bottles of distilled water. The bottles are arranged over a square stone tray, of a dark colour. On the tray next to the bottles are a few springs of mint. You can see the condensation forming on the bottles giving an idea of freshness and vitality.

Is distilled water the best water to drink?

    There are light waters, with not too many minerals (trace minerals), and heavy waters, still and natural sparkling waters, mineralized waters with carbonic acid, purified waters with reverse osmosis and naturally distilled waters, such as rainwater, snow, hail and glacier and iceberg water.

    Water distillers blog - What is water made of?

    Di cosa é fatta l'acqua?

      And does the chemical composition of water change? Budding scientist, you have asked a great question. It makes sense that as we talk about all the minerals in water, we might question ‘does the chemical composition of water change’? The short answer is no, water is always H₂O. From a… Leggi tutto »Di cosa é fatta l'acqua?

      should you drink distilled water yes

      Fa bene bere acqua distillata?

        To answer this question we will look at the health benefits, the financial benefits, and the environmental benefits of drinking distilled water. So if like me you’re asking ‘Should I drink distilled water?’, hopefully by the end of this article you will know the answer. So what are the biggest sources… Leggi tutto »Fa bene bere acqua distillata?

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